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E-liquid for e-cigarette - buy your favourite flavour here - Nicotine strength 9 mg

Seek no more - Your favourite e-juice flavour can be found right here. Welcome to our section of e-liquid. We offer a huge range of flavours and nicotine strengths.

So - you wonder - what is e-liquid (a.k.a. e-juice), then?
E-liquid is the ingredient that provides the flavour and vapour to your electronic cigarette. E-liquid is available worldwide in an almost infinite number of flavours. There are also various nicotine strengths. An e liquid´s nicotine strength is specified in mg (mg is short for milligrams). If labeled that a bottle of e-juice has 18 mg nicotine strength for example it means 18 milligrams nicotine per 1 milliliter liquid.

When you added an e-liquid to your cart your can in most cases choose nicotine strength, flavour and / or bottle size. Attributes can however be predefined, for example if an eliquid only has one strength, flavour or size.

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